Risk prevention

By creating a single cluster including the crafts of Quality, Security and Environment, Seres Technologies strengthens its skills and increases its level of expertise, thus meeting all the needs of its clients.

Seres Technologies, the guarantee of “ your world without risks ”…

Too daring of a statement ? Absolutely not, and it is not even bold to claim that with us your company is in good hands and reaps success safely !
Since the creation of Seres Technologies, the crafts of Quality, Security and Environment have been the heart of our activities. Grouping these crafts within a single cluster sounds like an evidence and is part of an efficiency and skill maintenance logic.
Our know-how, soft skills and feedback grant us legitimacy in terms of Quality, Security and Environment. In this sector in constant motion, where standards and regulations evolve all the time and where watch is required at all times, having up-to-date knowledge is a major challenge for your company to remain competitive and compliant with regulations.
Such implementation is based on principles, methods and tools. It is a logic of prevention: an approach of reasoning, a state of mind to cultivate which ranges from the collective to the individual. Entrusting your QSE issues to the specialists we are allows your company to stay reactive, comply with environmental standards and eliminate professional risks. In short, you are reassured ! You can rest easy. We take care of everything !

  • Our know-how

    Seres Technology services

    Our scope of intervention includes all fields concerned by the principles of Quality, Security and Environment.

    • We offer QSE skills to comply with regulatory and technical requirements.
    • We provide QSE assistance to operators in the framework of their activity, to companies during renovation, dismantling or new works to meet deadlines, costs and technical constraints.
    • We analyse, assess, manage risks to keep staff health within a legal framework adapted to the technical environment.

    For each need, one expertise, one diagnosis, our QSE solutions

    Our experts are here to provide you with the best service quality. You may contact us for a given issue. We find solutions and implement them within your company. Depending on the needs we offer and ensure :

    • Quality support: maintain the integrated management system, do the regulatory monitoring, ensure quality control of new equipment, process and/or building site, provider quality control.
    • Occupational safety and health: support the operator in the management of concurrency between involved companies and staff training, analyse and assess technological and environmental risks.
    • Onsite hygiene/security/environment assistance, to assess risks and manage worker safety.
    • Drafting of files on specific risks: asbestos, ATEX, DSEAR, environmental assessment.

    QSE support managed from end to end

    Each intervention we prove that thanks to its highly-qualified collaborators and management system, SERES Technologies has strong competences, knowledge, know-how and soft skills that allow meeting the needs of adaptability, assessment, flexibility, understanding of technical issues as well as legal and regulatory aspects required for risk management :

    • Mastery and use of quality standards: ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001, MASE, CEFRI…
    • Regulatory monitoring
    • Risk assessment per the 9 general principles of prevention
    • Use of risk analysis and assessment tools (FMEA, MOSAR…).
    • Support in the implementation of organisational and technological barriers.

    Skills and performance of our engineers and technicians

    Thanks to their trainings and careers, our collaborators hold technical and functional knowledge in the field of security, which grant them an operational (second-level control) and adaptational level with high added value. Our engineers and technicians operate in research laboratories, manufacturing plants, consultancy firms, prototype workshops…
    Seres Technologies management ensures the feedback, training and soft skills needed to satisfy our clients. It is a dynamic development model for performant companies.

  • Our operations

    seres-technologies-gorge-secteurs-activites-nucleaire Security assistance of basic and classified nuclear facilities for the environment

    • Permanently assist the operator in the framework of activities potentially carried out :
      Prior to any onsite intervention and operations :prevention-des-risques-seres-technologies
      - Prepare operations (works start notification, prevention plan…)
      - Welcome both external and new agents
      - Manage concurrency risks

      During onsite interventions and operations :
      - Manage intervention documents
      - Manage reception documents
      - Manage concurrency risks
      - Carry out onsite security visits including during operations under nuclear authorisation (or optionally outside nuclear authorisation)
      - Raise awareness on safety among external and AEC agents
      - Safety assistance
      - Create, update and manage safety documents
      - Appraise and manage incidents

    • Second-level assistance and control of external agents (system and field) for renovation and earthquake reinforcement works
    • Permanently assist and advise external agents (system and field) for the implementation of their works/operations on facilities :
      o Implementation of prevention plans
      o Security visits of operations (building sites) and workplaces
      o Running and implementation follow-up of external agents’ security training
      o Steering and organisation of CHSIE (college for security) meetings
      o Monitoring and assessment of accidents at work and significant incidents of external agents
      o Security regulatory monitoring

    seres-technologies-gorge-secteurs-activites-nucleaire Quality Support

    • Second-level assistance and control for the quality and security functions of the PHENIX plant.
      o Drafting of documents
      o Assessment of indicators
      o Compilation of feedback
      o Monitoring and assessment of discrepancies reported onsite
      o Monitoring and system and field surveillance of external agents especially in terms of environmental requirements, integrity check of IES -Independent Elements for Safety-, PEC -Periodic Equipment Control-, authorisations
    • Second-level assistance and control for all installations of the AEC Cadarache Centre
      o Maintenance of certifications
      o Drafting of documents
      o Assessment of indicators
      o Compilation of feedback
      o Monitoring and assessment of discrepancies reported onsite
      o Monitoring and assessment of AEC audits for external agents.

    seres-technologies-gorge-secteurs-activites-nucleaire Security data development and mining

    • Development of specific evaluations and security data files of AEC agents for all AEC installations of Marcoule and Pierrelatte Centres

    seres-technologies-gorge-secteurs-activites-nucleaire Drafting of technical security documents

    • Drafting of reflex sheets: actions to be taken for the operation of a nuclear facility in deteriorated situations.
    • Drafting of safety records in the framework of renovation works
      o “Base camp setup”
      o “Chimney replacement”
      o “Concurrency monitoring in the framework of civil engineering and TFC renovation works”
      o “Fire and containment”
      o “Underground drainage system setup”













  • Giving the floor to...

      Join us !

    • Anne L.


      Safety Representative Manager at the CESTA AEC

      Scientific rigour supporting security

      « I have started age 21, meaning I have been active for 25 years. I did not expect to work in the field of security one day. Now at SERES, in the mission of Safety Representative Manager on AEC-CESTA, it is surprising to observe that I started as a pharmacology technician specialised in microsurgery before later completing a Masters in gas networks. Today the divide between environments has enabled me to join SERES on behalf of AEC. The rigour acquired in my first job helps me connect with the site’s subcontracting companies (more than 80% from the construction industry) operating in a field where scientific accuracy is crucial, while for them construction against the wall is still a classic! »

    • Magali L.

      Magali L.

      QHSE Engineer

      SERES Technologies : authentic human values

      « Since I joined SERES Technologies in 2012, I have been operating on various missions in the QSE field, including a mission of regulatory monitoring support to the centre of Cadarache. This very rewarding mission allows me to meet specialists of every regulatory field studied (EPCF, chemicals, environment, INB i.e. basic nuclear facility, radiation protection, energy savings, waste, transport…) which keeps me informed about regulation. The atmosphere is very nice. Beyond such aspects, I find it very rewarding to participate in the regulatory monitoring of a centre as important as that of Cadarache. When I joined SERES we were around twenty employees. Now staff has more than doubled, nevertheless the company’s human values have remained authentic. Also, we are a good cohesive team and share as much advice as feedback and lunch. »

    • Dominique N.

      Dominique N.

      QHSE Engineer

      Quality service guaranteed by a cohesive team

      « QSE missions on the Marcoule site are based on diversity. Diversity of facilities, INB (Basic Nuclear Facility), IF (Individual Facility) and EPCF (Environment Protection Classified Facility). This allows working on a wide range of nuclear activities with various regulatory standards. The variability of activities such as: implementing quality approach, monitoring indicators, audits (as auditors and sometimes audited), monitoring regulations, makes such missions attractive. The interest of the operation especially lies in the diversity of met partners: Clients, various Marcoule services, subcontractors, nuclear authorities. Relationship with the client as well as interactions with other SERES collaborators are essential to the implementation of QSE missions. At SERES I have had the chance to always work as a team. Dynamism, exchange, assistance, relaxed work atmosphere and team support are the richness and strength of our performance. »

    • Céline R.

      Céline R.

      Design engineer – Quality, Hygiene, Security and Environment


      « Over the past 4 years I have had the opportunity to carry out a dozen security assistance missions. Each mission is different, it is up to me to adapt my work so that it meets the client’s expectations. I also collaborate with applicants and external companies so that works on my facilities are done in the best conditions possible. The mission of assistance is real teamwork. Through the diversity of missions proposed by SERES, every collaborator can develop their own skills and work as a team with other SERES operators. »